Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emergency Go to Products...

This is going to be an interesting blog post..A sweet follower of mine asked me to do a post on my "emergency go to products." How clever! We all want to know what a girl uses for emergencies, etc.Of course I keep a change of clothes, under garments, toothbrush, and socks and shoes, but I wanted you to know my beauty products, etc. things I keep with me at all times.  
Here is what you can find in my over night bag...
1. Chap Stick...I love this stuff..
Sounds weird, but I have to put it on
my lips before going to bed at night..I hate
to have chapped lips, and with the winter
months approaching, I need all I can get.

2. Neutrogena Make up Remover towelettes
I swear by these things...They are wonderful
when I am too tired to do anything. :)

3. Cetaphil Lotion..I have been using
this stuff for years. I have tried many other
things, but always go back to my trusty Cetaphil.
It works, so why change!? :)

4. Bobby Pins...S makes fun of me because
they are all over the condo. I can't leave the house
without a bobby pin in my hair, car, or purse. ha!

5. Same as Bobby pins...These pony
tail holders are all over the place. If you
know me in real life, you know I wear my
hair in a pony tail a lot! :)

6. Bio True solution...
I wear contacts, so I have to often clean
my contacts before going to bed, etc.
I swear by this brand. I have tried many,many
solutions, but Bio True works the best for me. I
                                                bought a HUGE container of this stuff. ha!

There are many other things I keep with me at all times: make up bag, clothes, shoes, socks, tooth brush, etc., but these are items I keep with me in my purse, night bag, regular bag, etc. These items are EVERYWHERE! :)


Lauren said...

What a neat blog topic. . . I may have to write one like this myself! Thanks for sharing!

Valerie Griffin said...

have you tried neutrogena's night calming make up remover towelettes yet? i think i love them more than the regulars. great smell!

Kalli said...

CHAPSTICK I am so glad you put that as number one. I would go into panic mode without it.