Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorite Christmas Songs...

I'm sure a bunch of you have your Christmas cd's blaring. I recently purchased Michael Buble's Holiday cd on Itunes last week. I love it. I have seen Michael in concert three times! Everytime gets better and better...He's not only a good singer, but a wonderful entertainer...I have a few of my oldies playing, too....Here's what has been on repeat the last two weeks:

I love it. This will be a favorite year after year.

Busting out my Mariah Carey Christmas
cd from 1994...I literally think everyone
owns a copy of this...She probably made a
FORTUNE off this cd..

I watch Glee...I love Glee, so of course...
I love their Holiday cds...This years
was not as good as last, so I did not
buy it..I just listen to last year's cd.

I love my Christian WOW Album.
All of my favorite Christian artists
are on it! :)

If you know me in real life, you know that
James Taylor is my main man..He's right up
there with Michael Buble. S took me to Little Rock
to see him in concert this past Spring..He was amazing.
I love,love,love his Christmas album...It's kind of old, but
I don't care...I listen to it every year..

Merry Christmas, friends! Get your music out!


Leslie said...

I love Michael Buble! Christmas music is my favorite. Thanks for commenting on my blog...I love Dillards, but D.C. doesn't have any. :( I'll check out Macy's though!

Delta Daisies said...

You're very welcome! Hope you find something!

Lauren said...

thanks for stopping by! I'm excited for Buble's Christmas special on tv tonight! I can bet it's going to be amazing!