Monday, December 12, 2011

Bob Seger Recap..

We had a wonderful time at the concert on Saturday night...We had dinner at Bleu with several friends before. It was definitely not a place that I will be going back to.. Service was terrible, food was average, and the atmosphere was not at all excellent. First: all of our wines were messed up when they brought them to the table, so we had no idea what went where...If you're going to be a server in a nice restaurant, LEARN YOUR WINES! Second: The server finally got our drinks correct, but never brought menus to the table to order food. We sat there for 15 or 20 minutes befoe she came back to see if we needed, yeah...FOOD! Next: Everyone got their food, except Sam. We literally sat there for 25 minutes before they finally brought his dinner out...Over-all, it was NOT a good experience...Thank goodness for great company and vino! :) After dinner, we headed across the street to the forum to see the show! Bob Seger did an excellent job! He has aged sooooo much..I was shocked that a 65 year old man could still rock out like that :) It was an excellent night! I definitely paid for it on Sunday, ha.

this is not a flattering photo of us. ha!

the girls enjoying the show!

love my main man :)

Bob Seger!!!

What I wore:
Black Faux Fur Vest
Leopard silk top from Target
J Brand Red Skinny jeans
Michael Kors gold watch
Turquoise necklace from Forever 21
Rachel Roy earrings
Black Unlisted boots from Piperlime

Also, I had a chance to make this Sunday night.... This stuff is seriously like crack!

Puppy Chow Recipe:
1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1 1/2 cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
8 cups of Chex Mix..
This recipe is super easy. I melted the peanut butter and chocolate chips on the stove first. Next, I poured the chex mix in and mixed it all around until it was all coated. Last, I dumped it into a big ziploc bag with the powdered sugar and shook it all up. It is divine!!! :) Enjoy! This would also be a great Christmas gift to give to neighbors in a cute tin or whatever ;)

If you know me in real life, you know how I am about my wine...I LURVE it...I saw this picture on Pinterest this weekend...I  SO will be doing this next year in the kitchen. I will just have to remember to save my wine bottles ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)


Faith said...

more than anything i hate terrible service at a restaurant! spending money when i had a horrible experience makes me sick. seriously, thank God for good wine and great company!

and omg about the wine Christmas tree! how freaking creative!

and that puppy chow looks amazing! craving some now!

Valerie Griffin said...

mmm i need to make that puppy chow asap!

Pamela said...

I saw that on Pinterest & love it too!! Puppy chow is good! I have never heard it be called that! We call it White Trash, maybe it's an NC thing!? ha!