Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Places...

I had another wonderful message from a friend about ten places that I would love to visit...First, I LOVE to travel. If I was not still in college and the funds were available, I would travel a lot more. :) Here are a few places that I plan on visiting in my near future, ( atleast before I'm 30, ha!)

New Orleans...Funny I have never been
to New Orleans...It is not a HUGE want
on my list, but I want to go, so I can say
I have been :)

Washington, DC...This might be in the
making for next summer ;) Coldplay is coming..

New York City...DUH. My bff lives here.
I have yet to get up there and see her...I'm
a terrible friend, I know...I would love to go
around  Christmas time.

Chicago...My mom and brother have been, but
I have never gotten the oppurtunity to visit Chicago.
I would love to get a trip planned in the near future.
We could also take the train! :)

Tahiti...This is where I want to take my future
honeymoon...;) BLISS

I have always heard wonderful
things about Boston...I hear the food is
simply amazing. I would love to take a trip
to Boston...Someone buy me a plane ticket? :)

Paris...ahhhh...I have always wanted to go here.
This would be a WONDERFUL birthday present ;)

Napa Valley...If you know me in real life,
you know I'm a wine drinker...I have not been
here yet! My parents just got back from Sonoma
Valley in October and had the BEST time..

Italy...I would love to go to Italy with my
Mom's family...My family is Italian...It
would simply mean the world to me! I would
love to see where my ancestors lived.

New Zealand....Sam has been here and said
it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.
I would loveeee to go back with him!!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am loving your picks! I have been to some of these places. I have also always wanted to go to New Zealand! Thanks for sharing :) Loving your blog!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Cute blogger girl! U and your boyfriend look adorable together!

Keep up the great posts!

Follow eachother?
I'm still new, hehe

Faith said...

some of the places you listed i have visited or live but the places that i have not yet visited are the exact ones that i want to visit as well!!! ahhh, i hope, i hope, i hope ... :)