Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fur Obsession...

I love seeing faux fur vests, jackets, sweaters, etc. all over the place. I love it! I recently bought a faux fur vest and I cannot WAIT to wear it! I'm planning on pairing it with a black dress for the TSO concert, Christmas party, NYE party, or something. ha! I'm sure I will wear it more than one occasion, but wanted to save it for something special for the first time! ;) Are you all loving fur stuff? I'm really wanting a faux fur jacket. I was on the Dillards' website last night and came across this one:

Dept Soft Faux Fur Coat from Dillards

If you know me in real life, you know I love leopard...I might have blogged about this jacket awhile back, but I keep eyeing, so I guess that means I need to buy it...Andddddd it's a wonderful price..

Tulle Exclusive Fur Jacket in Leopard
Piperlime Online
On sale for $69.50

Call me crazy, but when I ran across this vest, I fell in love. I can honestly see myself wearing this thing kidding ;)

Sanctuary Sherpa Maxi Vest
Piperlime Online

I also found this adorableeeeeeee faux fur jacket from Shop Bop. I love the color! I love how thick and cozy it looks. This jacket would be amazing for the cold winter months ahead.

Halston Heritage
Faux Fur Jacket

I also know this has nothing to do with faux fur, but I did a blog post the other day about Christmas party outfits. Well, I was on the Zara website yesterday and came across this beauty, but too bad all they had left was an XS....If anyone knows where I can find this dress in a bigger size, please let me know...:)

V Back Dress
From Zara

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