Friday, November 11, 2011

Family Time..

Sam and I went to a family reunion last weekend with his family. We had the BEST time! I love spending time with his family....There was food GALORE! I immediately started back on WW on Monday, ha. We got there really late on Friday night, so we went straight to bed. Saturday morning, we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast. The weather was simply amazing, so we stayed outside most of the day. Saturday evening was very nice! We had a wonderful dinner, built a bon-fire, and enjoyed a bottle of wine! We left Sunday morning, so Sunday night I was EXHAUSTED! It was definitely a busy week this week!

Me being goofy as usual ;)

Sam and me outside the cabins.

Sam's cousin, Emily. I LOVE her!

Being our usual goofy selves when we are together.

I love him...Sitting around the bon-fire.

Emily's baby, Hope...She's perfect in every way..
I wanted to bring her back to Memphis, but Emily
would not let me...;) ( or Sam...hehe )

sitting around the bon-fire enjoying a glass of Cab!

Brittney Jo 

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