Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decorating for Christmas Part 2...

Yesterday, S and I got up early and had breakfast at the Arcade downtown. We love that place! I was so glad he was off Friday. We enjoyed spending the day together! After breakfast, we headed to Pottery Barn to look for a tree topper, tree skirt, and new decorations for the kitchen table. I am a BIG shopper, but I have NEVER shopped on Black Friday. I wanted to go to a few places yesterday, but no where like Target, Walmart, the malls, etc. I understand the high for some people, but I have never been one to stand in line at 3:00 in the morning to buy a television, bike, game system, etc. I also do not have children yet, so maybe that will change someday, but not right now...I enjoyed sleeping in till 8:00 this morning. Anyway, we found NOTHING at Pottery Barn, bummer. I messaged one of my friends and she said TJ Maxx was not that busy, so we headed there and found the cutest tree skirt! It was perfect for our Christmas tree! We snatched that up for around 30.00! After we left TJ Max, we headed to Pier 1. I LOVE Pier 1! I especially love it around the holidays! There is always so much to look at. I have never been in a Pier 1 that did not have friendly staff either. All of the employees were so kind and helpful. I found the cutest tree topper, napkins, napkin rings, and place mats for the kitchen table. They were having a sale on all the kitchen decorations, so I had to snatch them up! Here are some photos of the new decorations:
I already had this center piece from Pottery Barn, but
I scored these awesome napkins, napkin rings, and
place mats at Pier 1. I love the napkins! So pretty and elegant.

This topper is also from Pier 1. Matches the
tree perfect!

This was the awesome tree skirt we found
at TJ Maxx. S actually picked it out! I think
he did a pretty good job!

The tree is finally complete! :)

I think Cheeba approved ;)

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