Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie Reviews...

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! It is time for Movie reviews! I wanted to share with you the couple of movies I have seen over the past week! :) 

1. The Other Woman was a bit slow for my liking.
I ADORE Natalie Portman, but did not care for her
in this movie..Over-all, it was a good renter, but 
other than that....not much else to say about it!

2. This movie was in Red Box, and I knew
it was an older one, so I was not sure about
it, but I have always loved Michael Douglas.
I watched this last night with my Mom and Dad.
It was amazing!!! It kept you on the edge of
your seat the entire time!!! I HIGHLY
suggest this movie..

3. This movie is still in theaters, but S
and I went to see it last weekend and
we LOVED it! I had high hopes for this
movie, and it sure as heck did not let me down!
I defiiiiiinitely suggest making plans to go see this!
There is a great twist at the end, and it is simply
amazing to see how everyone's lives change when
it comes to love...;)

4. This movie was...interesting...It was
very, umm....nasty?? HA! Although, I
thought Mila Kunis was super cute in the movie..
It is a typical love story and you can pretty much guess
what will happen in the end..So if you
like her and Justin Timberlake, go see it, but
otherwise...it's a waste of your time...;)

5. Mom and I watched this the other night
and really enjoyed it. I like Ben Affleck, so
was interested to see how it was. It was about
the economy and recession hurting many people
around America. A lot of the men in the movie lost
their jobs and were forced to do something else.
I really enjoyed it...It was a real EYE OPENER.

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