Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keane has my heart...

I have been listening to a lot of Pandora lately, which I always keep it on the Coldplay station, while I'm working on a DIY, cleaning up, organizing, getting dressed, etc. Lately, these certain songs have been sticking out to me, but I never knew who sang them. I started looking at the screen and googling, but figured out it was a band called Keane. I' am probably WAY behind the time, but I just never who they were. Call me crazy if you want....I LOVE THEM! I am a HUUUUGE Coldplay fan, but I think I love them almost as much! ha! I immediately started researching about them. I went to Itunes after, and downloaded all of their albums! Yes, Yes, and Yes! I'm set and looking forward to listening to a lot of Keane ;) Check them out!  Here are a few of my favorite songs:

"Somewhere Only We Know"

"Everybody's Changing"

"Bend and Break"

"Nothing in My Way"

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