Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Christine's Emporium

Ladies, Christine James asked me to do a Blog post for her. She owns an upper scale Consignment store in West Memphis, Arkansas. It is called Christine's Emporium. She has been in business for 12 years. She is a super sweet lady and is wanting to expand. She is trying to find a place in Memphis that she can open, because she wants a second location for more higher end clothes! She is right across the bridge in West Memphis. She is next door to Kroger and currently takes all brands. She is super reliable. I have taken many,many things in there to sell! Here is how the process works: You take the clothes that you no longer want to Christine, and she will try to sell them at a great price. Whatever she makes, you get half. It does not work like Plato's Closet, but in the long run, YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!!! She has lots and lots of great things in her store, but she would like to get her name out there more to the Memphis women, simply because there is only Celery in the city of Memphis...We need more Consignment stores that are reasonable! Please consider taking your un-wanted items to Christine, so she can sell them for you! The process is simple and easy!

Christine's Emporium
300 W. Service Road
West Memphis, AR
Phone Number: 870-732-4499
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6 pm

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