Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Reviews...

It is time for the Weekly Movie Reviews!!! First of all, before you laugh, we have been watching A LOT of movies. I literally am going to review 8 movies. HA! So here ya' go my friends....

1. Honestly, I did not care for this movie too much. It was kinda'
cute, but a typical  Chick flick movie. It is definitely just a
renter. I say, " Okay movie."

2. I was so disappointed with this movie. It drug
on for so long! I adore Kevin James and Vince Vaughn,
but they were just not that funny in this movie...Oh well!

3. We saw this in the theater this past weekend.
OMG! It was hilarious! I looooved it! I definitely
suggest you to go see this movie! :) 

4. This movie deserves the WORST movie award. S and
I turned it on this past weekend and turned it off before
it was even finished. I deffffffinitely do not reccommend this
to anyone!

5. This was another "let me down." I adore
Robert DeNiro and Ed Norton, but it was just not
a good movie. It drug on and on, and never really went
anywhere! There was no climax to the movie and very 
confusing at times. I hate it was not good :( 

6. I adore Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.
I would have not paid money to see this movie in the
theater, but because it was a dollar at Red Box, I rented it.
It was DEFINITELY a renter. It was one of those movies,
"It was not great, but it was not terrible." If you like these
two entertainers, and you want to see them fall in love, rent it!

7. I don't know about you, but I LOVE Anthony Hopkins.
He's good in just about any movie he plays in. We watched this
Sunday night before we went to bed. BIG MISTAKE! I was up
for hours! It was a bit scary to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!
It is a very deep movie, and you have to pay close attention, but if
you like Anthony Hopkins, you'll love it! Highly suggest it!

8. I was not sure about this movie when I heard about it.
Katherine Heigl plays the same role in just about all of her films.
Once again, because it was a dollar at Red Box, I rented it.
I LOVED IT! It was so stinkin' cute! It has a typical ending,
but who cares! Josh Duhammel is so cute to look at ;)

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