Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Current Obsessions..

It is Tuesday...You know what that means....CURRENT OBSESSIONS ;) I hope you all are having a fabby week so far! Mine has been pretty busy with homework, homework, and more homework...Sigh..When will it all end?!?

1. Michael Kors Tortoise Oversized watch..
I have four watches...why do i need another??

2. J. Crew Vintage Matchstick Cord...LOVE!
I seriously want these in all 12 colors, ha!

3. I bought this book about two years ago, but
never got around to reading it. I'm finally reading
it and LOVE it. I have read all of Emily Giffin
books, and went ahead and ordered Heart of
the Matter...I can't wait for it to get here!!!

4. I am loving the fact that I get to sleep in some this week.
After the week I had last week, I need some!!

5. If you have never played Flip Words,
I highly suggest you do not..It is verrrrry
addicting and will cause you to stay up in
the late hours of the night! It is sooooo
much fun! My entire family loves it!

6. Many might disagree, but the Real Housewives of
New York are my favorite girls. I have always liked them
for some reason, but not really sure why. They don't have
as much drama as the other ladies, so it is not any more
entertaining, but I just like their style the best....I love their
New York glam...I'm also loving the fact that this week is
the Season's Reunion...


Kara said...

I asked D for a Michael Kors tortoise watch for my birthday but it's square :)

Valerie Griffin said...
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Valerie Griffin said...

I read Love the One You're With years ago and I hated it. I don't really remember much except I didn't like it. She was trying to decide to cheat or not right? The only EG books I've liked are her first two, but boy those are good ones! I'm ready for Something Borrowed to be a movie!