Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Braided Hair...

In the Summer time, it is HOT! Memphis has always had a humid, hot summer..I have always had long hair, so I have had to find ways to keep it off my neck, stay cool, etc. Lately, I have been braiding it just about everyday. I'm either braiding my bangs and then pulling it back in a pony tail, or I am braiding the pony tail and bobby pinning my bangs back! It is easy, and still looks cute if I go a couple days without washing my hair, ha! Here are some examples of what I have been doing...Also, I have included different styles I want to try in the near future....

I do this style a lot! I use a curling iron to just
curl the ends a bit, then I braid my bangs to the side!

I love this! It gets so hot, so I love that I can
pull my hair back, but also it look cute at the same time.
True story, my hair is styled like this right now...ha!

This is similar to the first style, but lots of times I am in a hurry,
so I will just braid my bangs and then just straighten the rest of my hair.

I have not tried this style yet, and I am not sure how
it will look on me, but I am dying to try it!
I have a feeling I am going to need a lot of Bobby pins.

This look is flawless! It is messy, but cute at
the same time! I love the braids throughout it!

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