Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have not blogged about my recent Obessessions in awhile, so I thought I would share with you! I have a few items that I CAN'T live without at this current moment in my life...Check it out!

Nike DriFit Tank Top for Women.
I love these! I have bought sevvvveral pairs
over the last few months. I play Tennis in them!
It is SO hot out right now, these keep me from
sweating too much!

Gatorade Fruit Punch Flavor....
I think I have had one of these every night
in the past two weeks. LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE!
I need to start buying them by the case. I am working
out a lot now, so I feel like all the extra electrolytes from
the Gatorade are helping more than just regular water.

Chickfila has a salad called, Southwest Chargrilled Salad.
I have had FOUR of them in the last week! I lovvvvve it!
They are low in calories, full of veggies, and taste wonderful!!

Um..Yes, I know...Kids usually eat these, but
I'm here to tell you, I LOVE THEM. We bought
a box several weeks ago and I think I've eaten almost
the entire box! ( Not really, but close...hehe ) I grew
up eating these and forgot just how tasty they really are!
They are a wonderful "happy" on a hot Summer day!

Because I have been peeling some from laying out,
I purchased Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. I love it!
It is great for my arms, legs, etc. Definitely a great
lotion to have around for the Summer time.

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