Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shop till you Drop

I am so,so, so sorry I have been lacking on the posts last week. I have been beyond busy, plus Blogger was down for a day and a half to fix things...figures...Although I have been busy, somehow I have been shopping up a storm :) I have had a lot of things that I needed to buy, plus a few wants, so I wanted to share them all with you! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)

1. I bought these shorts from J.Crew...
They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn
in my life! I bought them in this color, grey, and a really
pretty rose color. They are linen.

I'm on a Stripes kick, so lately I feel like I have been
buying everything that has stripes! HA! I loveeee
Day dresses, because I'm usually very low key in the
Summer time. I love to slip on dresses like this
with a sandal or wedge and be on my way.
This dress also came from J.Crew.

I don't know if you have worn any of these, but I love
t-shirts for the Summer time. Give me a Crewneck tee,
a pair of shorts, and a pair of sandals and I'm set! This 
is the Vintage Crewneck Tee from J.Crew. I literally bought
this tee in six different colors. Love,Love,Love!

I know most of you saw my post last week about these
Tory Burch White Thora sandals. I was not sure if I
would wear them very much, because of the color, but
I am SO glad I bought them! I went to Joseph this
past weekend and tried them on. I fell in love!

I know MOST of you hate bathing suit shopping.
It is very hard to find a bathing suit that fits you
and is comfortable. I hunted and hunted for a week to
try and find the perfect one. I am "blessed" up top, so
I wanted something like an underwire top, etc.
I went to Macy's and Dillards and found the brand
2 Bamboo. I had never heard of the brand before, but
I loved the fact that they were all sized by Cup sizes.
I tried this exact bathing suit on in black and fell in love!
I not only bought this one, but also bought the exact one in
Turquoise! I found another style in Purple as well.
Top- $75.00
Bottoms0- $43.00

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