Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sephora Products...

I do not know about you, but I love Sephora. I could spend hours and hours in that store. I love their website, too. It gets kinda' obessive when I can shop on Sephora at anytime of the day, ha! Lately, I have been trying to find new a new cleanser, eye makeup remover, eye liner, and moisturizer. My makeup is Bobbi Brown, but for some reason I cannot use their eye makeup remover. It makes my eyes itch and dries them out. Also, I love their Gel eyeliner, but I tend to only wear that sometimes, because it is also hard on my eyes. I searched and searched on  Sephora, so I wanted to share some of the new prodcuts I bought and plan on trying.

This Buxom Eyeliner has become very popular, so I
thought I would give it a try! As soon as it arrives,
I will let you know what I think, etc. :)
I ordered it in the color called Two by Four.
It is a Smoky Brown and Black color.

I have had a really hard time finding a Makeup remover
that I like. Everything I have used either dries my eyes out
or my eyelashes fall out. I have heard wonderful things about
this Clinique "Take the Day Off" makeup remover, so I
will let you know what I think after I use it for a little while!

I love moisturizers. My skin is a bit on the dry side.
Oh, who am I kidding? My skin is REALLY dry!
I HAVE to moisturize Day and Night. I have heard
so many wonderful things about the Boscia Skincare
line, so I thought I would give this Day/Night Duo a try.
It includes a moisturizer for Day and one for Night time.
I am still learning  about Skincare, but I think I will like this!

I thought I would give this Philosophy Purity Simple
cleanser a try!I need something that I can use everyday, but
will not dry out my skin. I hope it smells nicely, because
I believe ALL my skincare has to smell good or I will not use it!
 I will let you know what I think
after I have been using it for a little while :)

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