Monday, May 23, 2011

Review on Elizabeth Arden...

I tweeted last week about the two products I purchased from T.J. Maxx. I was browsing through the Skin care area and ran across Elizabeth Arden's products. I have never really heard much about Elizabeth Arden, but that did not mean much, because I am just now getting into skin care and where I want to actually spend money on it, ha! I was in the process of shopping around for a new moisturizer, etc. I made a purchase last week from Sephora, but thought I'd give this stuff a try, too! You can never have too many moisturizers! Here is what I purchased:
I purchased the Elizabeth Arden Good Night's Sleep
Restoring Cream. It is on her website for $38.00. I
purchased it at T.J. Maxx for 13.99!!! You cannot
beat that :) I actually really like it. I was worried that it
would be like every other moisturizer I have, but it smells
great and feels great on my face! I apply it after I wash
my face and then immediately go to bed.  The first night after
using it, I woke up the next morning with GLOWING skin.
I'm not kidding, friends! It really is wonderful!
I highly, highly suggest it!

I also purchased the Good Morning Skin Serum.
I like this, but I'm not in  LOVE with it. It has a
 tendency to make my face look oily. It is a bit
 thick, and has a lot of shimmer and sparkle in it.
 I plan to finish the rest of the bottle, but not sure if
I will purchase another one. We'll see :)
This is a $34.00 moisturizer and I paid 12.99!!

After using these two Elizabeth Arden products, I got online and browsed her other Skin care products. I am thinking about heading back to T.J. Maxx and purchasing a few others! Here are a few I want to try:

1. I want to try this Visible Difference Refining
Moisture Cream Complex. Hopefully I will be able
to find it at T.J. Maxx!

2. I saw this Intervene Peel and Reveal Mask.
I thought about buying it, but wanted to come home
and read about it first. Apparently, it is one of her
best Skincare products! I definitely will purchase
this next time I am in, and let you know what I think!

3. I also saw the Millenium Eye Renewal Cream
when I was there. I have a tendency to have dry eyes,
so I'm anxious to purchase this and see if this will help
my issue any. I will letttttcccha know what I think! :)

Do you have any reccomendations when it comes to Elizabeth Arden products???

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