Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bored Moments...

I am not sure if you get this feeling over the summer, but I tend to get a bit bored on certain days. Yes, I said bored. I am not married, have no children, and I'm still in school. I don't have the hectic scheldule of a mother, nor do I have a full time job. There are many days that are jammed pack full of things to do, but some are just god-awful boring. You can only: shop so much, clean, wash clothes, work out, work in the yard, organize, lay out by the pool,etc. I have never been a big TV watcher, so I could not tell you what comes on the tv during the day, I just can't..Growing up, I never sat around the house, slept till noon, or played inside..I HAVE to be doing something. I think I got that gene from my Mother, because she honestly is the same way...Summer time is always relaxing and fun for me, but I have a tendency to lose focus, because I don't have the hustle and bustle lifestyle that I have during the School year. I have made a list  for myself, because I feel this will help with the "bored days," but will also help keep me focused and occupied. Here is what I came up with:

1. I blogged the other day about my bike. I plan to start working on my bike this week, so this should keep me plenty busy for several weeks. I plan to paint, upgrade the handle bars, seat, and tires.

2. I want to make a headboard for my bed. I have been reading several blogs, magazines, and articles on the web about it. I have an idea about what I want to do, but I'm still researching. I think this will be a GREAT project for me to work on this summer.

3. My closet is begging for shoe help! I want to put in several shelves for my shoes. I get sick of seeing them in the floor, tossed in a corner, etc.

4. My boyfriend's Mom knows how to sew. I think it will be a great Summer for me to learn how to do that. She doesn't work, so it not only will be a great way to spend time with her, but I will also be learning something!

5. My cousin and I have been playing tennis lately. I LOVE tennis. I'm not wonderful at it, but Mallory and I have thought about getting other people involved, so we can play doubles. Mallory teaches school, so she is out all summer. I want to get better, so we can start playing in tournaments. I also think it will help with my goal to lose weight ;)

I am still open to options, and this list will probably increase over time. If there is anything you have acclompished over the summer or did, please let me know. I would love to try it out! I am always open to suggestions! I hope you all have a wonderful,wonderful summer! :)

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