Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wisteria Love...

Some of you might have heard of Wisteria's line of furniture, but I was blown away when I saw the catalog in a friend of mines kitchen. She and her husband have a beauuuuutiful home and she told me she had ordered several pieces from there. I can't help, but keep looking at their website because Mr. S is wanting to buy a house very soon! :) I have picked out so many pieces to use in the sitting room, master bedroom, den, and dining room...ha! If you are a fan of Vintage and Antique pieces, you'll live Wisteria. They run lots of sales, so it is great to check out something then , but I'll give you a glimpse of what I'm swooning over right now:

This is the European couch in natural linen.
This is a bit too dressy for the den, but would love
this in the sitting room.

This is the Natural Cabirole Leg Chair.
I love how simple and classy it is! It would
also look great somewhere in a sitting room.

This is the lounging French chaise and I am obsessed with it!
I love the look of these in a home. They are so classy and
look great in a more formal living room as well.

I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of checkered anything.
I love,love,love this bench! It would look great in the kitchen
somewhere or in the entryway.

This is an idea of how you could use the bench in the kitchen.

Love,love,love this dining room! So fresh and simple.

I would use the white vases that on are the book shelf.
I've seen them in homes and they look great! That is also
the chair and couch that I have listed above.

Don't laugh, but I seriously would steal this look for the
Master bedroom. I loveeeee a White bedroom! Who am I
kidding? I love white anything. I know I won't be able to
have an entire house in white, so I'll have to pick and choose. ;)

Last but not least, I have blogged about this photo before.
I love double twin beds in a room. It is so classy!
I love the color of the walls and the clean, white headboards.

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