Saturday, April 2, 2011

Diet Plan...

Several of you have been dm'ing me on Twitter, and emailing me about what my Diet plan consists of. I have been doing Weight Watchers since about the second or third week of January and I love it! I am steadily losing weight and already feel so much better in my clothes. I have lost about 18-20 pounrds. I still have several more to lose, but now is the time I need to kick up my physical activity. I have not really been working out or running because my diet plan was so good. I have hit a plateu, so now it is time to hit the gym! Many of you know I HATE to workout, but I'm going to make myself do it. I'll thank my body later.hehe...Here is what my Diet plan consists of for the majority of the time:

1. I ALWAYS eat a piece of fruit. I usually eat a banana because I love them!
2. I am a hugeeee greek yogurt eater. I eat Chobani yogurt in the Strawberry or Blueberry flavor. It is not sold at Kroger or Walmart. I have to get it at our local Whole Foods Market or Fresh Market.
3. If I am out of yogurt some mornings, I will eat a slice of toast by Sarah Lee. She has the 45 Calorie Wheat bread that I love!!!

1. Most of my friends and family know that I eat Subway just about everyday. I think the people in there know who I am :) If I do go to Subway, I always get a 6 inch Turkey on Wheat. I get pepperjack cheese, and all veggies. I never get mustard, mayo, or any condiments. I will get a small amount of vinegar and oil and salt and pepper. The 6 inch Turkey sandwich is 280 calories and 4 grams of fat. Awesome choice for lunch! I might add, water, water, water!!! Drink plenty of water during the day!
2. If I am not able to leave school and get Subway, I will bring a Weight Watchers Smart Ones meal. I am not a HUGE fan of these, just because they have a lot of sodium in them, but they are good for lunch. I do not usually eat them everyday, but I will 1 to 2 times a week. Great idea if you have a busy scheldule and cannot get away from work or something.
3. I will occasionally get a garden salad at our Cafe at school, make a turkey sandwich from home with baked light lays, or bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....I usually do the top 2 though..

1. I tend to eat different things for dinner, but we eat a lot of CHICKEN! Skinless, boneless, chicken. You can buy the big bags at your local grocery store and stick them in the freezer. I make a lot of baked chicken, girlled chicken, anyway that is pretty healthy. I will usually fix it with Uncle Ben's Brown rice, a veggie, and some other side.
2. Mr. S and I are HUGE Sushi eaters, so I have learned what to order and NOT order when we got for sushi. If you are a Sushi lover, but wanting to lose weight, STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING WITH THE WORD TEMPURA! It means FRIED! Spicy Tuna roll, California Roll, Veggie Roll, anything with no sauces, crunchies, fried pieces, etc. are what you should stick with. They are all good, but you just have to be smart when you are out to dinner.
3. We go to dinner a lot, so I have to make sure what I am ordering before I eat. I'm a Blackberry user, so I am not sure what you Apple users have, but I have an application called Calorie Counter. It is WONDERFUL! It tells me calories, fat grams, protein, fiber, etc. in everything. Almost every restaurant is on there, so it is very easy. Second, Mr. S and I tend to eat at a lot of places that are not Chain restaurants, so I have a hard time knowing what is in it. All I can tell you is BE SMART. Ask for every dressing on the side, don't order pastas, etc.

1. Many of you like to snack, but I'm not a BIG snacker. I never really have been actually, but some small snacks that I like to keep in my purse and home include:

1. Weight Watchers String Cheese

2. Goldfish Snacks

3. TCBY Yogurt

1. Stay away from Soft drinks. They are full of sugar!
2. Do NOT over eat! Small portions!
3. Excercise regularly.
4. It is ALRIGHT to have a Cheat night! Everyone needs one!
5. If you do Weight Watchers, use ALL your points.

Hope this helps!!!!

Delta Daisies


Valerie said...

You can get Chobani at Kroger and Target too.

Delta Daisies said...

Not in Arkansas :(