Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday..

I used Thursday to list what I have been thankful for this week because it is my FRIDAY... Nice huh?? I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far, but mine has been BUSY! Whoa! I feel like I have not stopped all week. I guess that is what happens when you are in school full time, work, homework, social life, etc. Mr. S has been EXTREMELY busy at work, which is good, but I feel like I have not seen him at ALL this week, and I hate that! I plan on spending my weekend with him, so I can love on him! ( too much, i know...) Anywho, here ya go...

1. Children...This goes without saying, but they bring joy
to alllllllll of our lives. I am beyond blessed to be in a
profession where I get to work with children each
and everyday. Thank you, Lord...

2. This has been a CRAZY week, but ANY sleep and
relaxtion I could get, I took advantage of it. I LOVE my bed!

3. My parents Pear trees are starting to bloom!
It gets me SO excited for Spring around the corner.
We lately have been having YUCKY weather, but I
know it is somewhere arounnnnnnd the corner :)

4. My Aveeno Moisturizer is about the ONLY
thing that has kept me from peeling like a peanut this week.
I did not even burn last week in Florida, but for some reason
my skin feels the need to peel! GRRR! I swear by this stuff..

5. With all the yucky weather we have had this week,
my HUNTER Wellies have come in handy! I am VERY
thankful for these pretties this week! I hate rain and cold weather! UGH!

Of course, I am more than thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ each and every week, so I wanted to include OTHER things that I was thankful for this week :) Have a blessed weekend!!!

Delta Daisies

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