Monday, March 7, 2011

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees....

Spending....It is something that we ALL love to do, right? I have a hard time cutting down my bills, saving money, and spending LESS...I think the majority of the female population can agree with me on that one ;) While you don't have to change your life drastically, there are ways to cut down on your spending habits, etc. Being in college will make you BROKE. Being out of college will make you BROKE. The economy we live in right now will make you BROKE. Gas prices will make you BROKE...Catch my drift?? ;) I want to share with you some of the things I do to save money! I know many of you are probably thinking, really?? Did it work?? YES! Here are a few things that IIIIIIIIII am doing right now, plan to do, and will eventually work into my lifestyle.....

1. Carpool--I know it sounds crazy, but my gas bill has decreased DRASTICALLY by just lowering the amount of driving I do. I also will plan ahead, so if I know I am going to be at school late, I will bring my errands or bills, so I don't have to do it on another day. It saves me time, a trip across town, and GAS. With the prices of gas right now, ANYTHING will help!

2. Sell unused items---I know many of you are thinking, huh? No one would want my junk or old clothes, but you are WRONG! What is old and junky to you, would be another person's treasure. Clean out your closets! It is Spring cleaning time anyway, so throw out old shoes, handbags, denim, etc. There are many ways to sell your unused items, but a few that I have used in the past are: Plato's Closet, Celery ( for you women in Memphis, ) Ebay, Facebook, Twitter...It is AMAZING how much money you will make! Trust me!

3. Reduce or Eliminate your Cell Phone bill---I know many of you cannot live without a cell phone and I am not telling you to. But how many of you have a cell phone plan with WAY too many minutes, etc.?? Lower the amount of usage time, text messaging, interenet use, etc. and you will see a BIG difference in your bill! It might only save you 20 or 30 dollars a month, but that's a tank of gas for some of you out there! ( Not me...dang you, SUV's.) Also, a family plan is a great way to go because you can add a line for 10.00 a month...If you have a family who would allow that to happen, I HIGHLY suggest it!

4. Cut Back on Grooming Expenses--If you are like me, you have to get your nails and toes done every two weeks. My nails grow EXTREMELY fast, so it is a MUST to have them done. I recently took my gel nails off because I got sick of spending 55 dollars to have them done every two weeks. I now do manicures and only have to go every 3 1/2 weeks ANDDDDD it is cheaper! I pay 18 dollars for a manicure, guys....Also, I don't color my hair, but many of you out there do! It is expensive and can add up. Try going with a color that is closer to your natural color, so you are not in the hair salon every 4 to 6 weeks. Many of my friends are doing a thing called "ombre hair." It is a more natural look and is quite cute! Try it!

5. Cook! I know many of you hate to cook, but you REALLY will see a difference in your money! Eating out is quite expensive, and if you are anything like me, you like GOOD food. GOOD food can sometimes come with a pretty penny ;) If you are dieting, try planning your meals ahead. I stock up on chicken breasts, veggies, Weight Watcher meals, etc. I have been cooking A LOT more than I used to and I have gotten a lot better at it. The more practice, the better you will be! :) Plus, your husband or boyfriend will love you for it :)

Cutting out the amount of money you spend can be a very hard task! I know, I struggle with it every month! These are five things that I believe will work because they have worked for me! You don't have to change your lifestyle completely to save! Try it out for ONE month and see where it gets you. I promise...;)

Happy Saving!!

Delta Daisies

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