Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hey, friends! Did you all have a good weekend??? I did!!! It went by super fast, but that's probably because it was such a great weekend. Friday night I got to see my favorite kiddos and keep them for awhile. I adoreeeeeeee them. I hope my children are just like these little sweet peas someday. Mr. S and I had a wonderful afternoon on Saturday. We went to the mall, had a great lunch at J. Alexanders, and just ran errands! It was so nice to have the whole afternoon with him. He stocked up on four pairs of shoes while we were out because he is leaving for a work thing on Tuesday and needed more dress shoes and suits! ha! He definitely got some "goodies." Saturday night, my friends and I got together for a little par-tay! We had games, food, and drinks galore! It was TOO much fun! Of course we did not stay at the house the entire evening, so we left and went to a bar to meet up with some other people. We also had some pretty "interesting" food to say the least. I was not a fan of Cockadoo's at ALL..No bueno...Sunday is always my relaxing and catch up on homework day, but instead, I met my favorite girl at Happy Mexican for lunch. Mr. S also joined me and El Bell for lunch. My family always has a get together on Sunday night, so I fixed a yummy Corn Chowder and headed to my parents! We played a fun game of Scattergories and watched a movie that evening. Unfortunately, I did not  catch up on homework until after 10:00 last night, but it was ALLL worth it! I had the BEST weekend and cannot thank the Lord enough for giving me such wonderful people in my life! I am a very blessed girl!!

Happy Monday, y'all!!

Delta Daisies

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