Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 18: Something You Regret

Hey, friends! I have definitely not been in the blogging mood lately, because I have been off from school and have been so lazy! I'm sure when I'm back into a regular routine, I will be more in the mood to write :) I do have sooo much to write about, too! I have been slacking on my "Days," so I think it is time for a new one. Day 18 is Something You Regret....Although I'm a huge believer in "Everything Happens for a Reason," I have done many things in my life that I'm not all that proud of. I will NOT sit here and bore you, but I will say...I'm so thankful for the obstacles and "bumpy rides" I have been through over the past several years. They have ALL made me who I am today :) Hope you all are having a great Monday!

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