Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Parties Galore!

I have been to Christmas parties galore over the past few weekends! I feel like I need the week to start, so I can catch up on sleep! ha! We have had fun, and I have taken lots and lots of pictures, so I wanted to share with you! Enjoy! Are you guys going to Christmas parties??

Sam and I at the Butcher Shop for his works Christmas party.

Mom and I before the Chamber Christmas party. "Christmas with your Neighbors."

Mallory I before Chamber party.

my sweet, sweet twin brother and I at the Christmas party.

Sam and I at our Tacky Christmas party on Saturday night. YES!
We were definitely tacky! He even said we should match!
I was shocked!

Mallory and I before Butcher Shop Christmas party.

at the Butcher Shop party.

it's an inside joke ;)

Sam and I on the dance floor at the Chamber party.
We were being silly ;)

Dancing with a man that works for the Chamber. ha!

Hope you all loved my pictures! We've had a good time the past few weekends! 

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