Thursday, May 13, 2010

For all you Yogurt lovers :)

How many of you love yogurt??? I could eat it everyday, all day..I have tried all kinds of yogurts, but have recently found one that I absolutely love!! I'm a sucker for anything strawberry, so when I see strawberry yogurts, I snatch them up! Chobani Greek Yogurt is like heaven in your mouth, no joke! ;) I haven't been able to find it at Kroger, Walmart, or Target..BUT...Costco, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market carry it. Buying it at Costco is great, because you can buy it by the bulk, yeah! They have all different kinds of flavors, but the strawberry is phenomenal. I HIGHLY recommend you to try it out! I eat it every morning before I start my day, and call me goofy, but it makes my day that much better! :) It's even wonderful as a snack!

What are your suggestions for yogurts??


Anonymous said...
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Lyndy said...

Yea. It works. (lol)