Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rustic, Vintage Beach Wedding

Since I have been browsing, I have quickly realized that I want a rustic, vintage feel to my wedding. I want to use several handmade pieces, etc. Here is the theme I am going with and a couple inspirational pictures that I plan on using:

These are the flower girl baskets. I love them!

I'm using burlap table runners, so I would love to have white bows
and burlap on our cake. We want a very simple cake. I do not like
"fru fru," so this is perfect for me and a beach wedding.
We are getting married on the beach, so we are still trying to
decide between white farm benches or white chairs.
We are definitely using white chairs for the reception, so
I'm thinking these flower pots will be perfect on each
aisle of the benches.
I found this sign on Etsy, but I'm sure we could make our own!
Love this idea!

We are definitely doing a Sparkler send off!
We are going to do something like this!

I love this arbor! I haven't decided yet between this or the cross below.
How beautiful is that cross?!!
I want to do some sort of lanterns and candles on the tables.
I don't want all the tables to be the same, though.. This is an idea
for several tables and below is another idea for the other tables.
This is the other idea. How beautiful is this?! :)


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That flowered cross is amazing. And I love the tin buckets with flowers. All these pics are gorgeous. I love the rustic idea!

Sarah said...

Love this!! I also love using starfish at beach weddings!!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

You can totally make that sign with a wood pallet! Love the flower pots!