Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recipes Galore & an Outfit

I have been cooking up a storm lately. Two recipes I wanted to share with you are: Maple Glazed salmon with portobello mushroom caps, and Parmesan chicken burgers with a side salad. Both were delicious meals and super healthy! 

I broiled the salmon. I seasoned it with the seasonings
we like and then added a little spray butter and soy sauce.
I turned my broiler to 400 degrees and let cook for 20 minutes.
After it was almost finished, I added a little maple honey glaze
and stuck it back in to caramelize and get a little crispy. 
It was DELICIOUS and full of flavor! 
The mushrooms caps were not my recipe.. I just picked
up these yummy things at Miss Cordelia's. :)

Here is the recipe for the chicken burgers... They were delicious! 
Add a little side salad or sweet potato fries and you have
 yourself a quick, easy, and healthy meal! 

I leave you with an outfit of the day post. Yes, my legs are white.
I'm getting a spray tan this weekend, people. :)
I bought this skirt several weeks ago at Gap Outlet and I love it! So comfy! 


Tess said...

Super cute outfit!

I actually think I'm going to make those chicken burgers tonight! Great timing girl!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Salmon is one of our favorites, we had it on Sunday night! And this is crazy but I've never actually heard of chicken burgers - I'm very intrigued!!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Love that outfit. My legs are so white too and we have a wedding next weekend that I am not wearing tights to. I need a spray tan stat!