Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was very productive... I got a lot done! We also got to enjoy some warmer temps and sunshine! We haven't seen sunshine here in a while, so it was nice to actually get out and open the sunroof in my car for a couple hours, ha!

    Friday night, instead of fighting the Valentine crowds, we opted to take a Spin class together and then hit up Netflix and get take in. It was just what we wanted and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We both were in bed by 9:30. It was bliss! Although, I thought Sam was going to kill me for making him take that Spin class, ha!

I had the Mongolian chicken and fried rice.
Totally not healthy, but was totally worth it.

Relaxed and enjoyed several movies before hitting the sack.

   Saturday morning, Sam went in to the office to get some paperwork done, while I took a morning Spin class and Body Pump class. I was super refreshed after a good night's rest, so wanted to get in a good workout after eating Chinese for dinner! Ha! I burned about 1,400 calories, so it was a GREAT way to start my Saturday! When I left the gym, I headed home to get ready for a lunch date with my dear friend, Laura. I met her and Henry at Panera Bread and enjoyed spending some quality time with them! After I left there, I headed to my weekly appointment, my nail re-fill. I sipped on a glass of white wine and enjoyed the conversation with my awesome nail manicurist, Anne. Sam was finally off work when I was done at the nail salon, so we headed to my Grandmother's house to catch up with my family that came in town, etc. Sam and I had dinner plans that night, so we left there and headed to our favorite pizza spot, Old Venice. We LOVE this place! I totally believe that they have the best pizza in Memphis. We got two individual pizzas and a bottle of wine and shared. It was fabulous! After we left Old Venice, we came home, watched a movie, and we were in bed by 11:30. Talk about a great, productive Saturday! I got a lot done and thoroughly enjoyed the day! 
I got the Daddy Crawdaddy pizza! It is amazing! 

   Sunday morning, Sam and I hit up Panera for breakfast before having a romantic date at Lowe's, Bass Pro Shop, and Gap. Sunday was apparently my day to shop because I found tons of deals!!! After shopping for a couple of hours, we headed home and I got laundry done, closets cleaned out, and drawers cleaned out. It felt SO good to get things organized. We met my parents for a late lunch and then some friends at a local sushi place downtown for a couple of cocktails before calling the weekend quits. 

If you have never had the Mediterranean egg white
sandwich from Panera, you're missing out! You 
must get it... It's so,so good!  

These awesome pillows were originally $60.00 a piece! 
We are planning on buying a new couch, so I didn't want to
 spend that much on pillows. Sam had a coupon for 
$15.00 off, plus they were already 50% off and then I had
 an extra 20% off coupon and the lady let us use all of them! 
They rang up to $10.00 for both!!!! Yes!!!! I was pumped... 
I think they look great with the couch and my
accent pieces on the side table. 

I also scored this awesome navy/white striped mini
skirt from Gap outlet for a whopping $14.00!
These two belts will look great this Spring, so I grabbed
them for a total of $10.00! I'm telling you... It was my
weekend to shop! :)

It was a GREAT weekend with lots of productivity and sunshine! I would love to have several more weekends just like this! Sam's birthday is Thursday, so I will be doing lots of posts this week on his birthday, birthday dinner, etc. It's the week to celebrate his birth! He'll be 39!! sh.... I didn't tell you... ;) 


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Love those pillows!!

OK that pizza looks so good. I'm drooling and starving right now. Not fair!

Have a good week!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Such a productive weekend! And drooling over that pizza picture... yummm. Hope you had a great day!