Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

      We had a great weekend! It was pretty busy, but full of pictures! Thursday night, we headed to dinner at Second Line with our good friends, Tara and Joseph. If you have never been to Second Line, I highly suggest it!!! It's Kelly English's second restaurant, which is right next door to Restaurant Iris. We had a great evening with great food. After dinner, we headed to Local on the Square for a couple cocktails before calling it quits... 
      Friday night, I was supposed to go to a business dinner with Sam, but I was so exhausted from such a busy week, so I skipped out on the dinner, poured myself some wine, and ordered Chinese in! It was divine! I also caught up on all my girly shows before hitting the sack at 8:30! ha! I am always SO tired on Friday nights... 
    When I woke up on Saturday morning, the streets were filled with SNOW! It was our first snow of the year, so I was quite excited. I had planned on taking a Spin class that morning with a friend, but Sam left earlier and said the streets were SLICK! I opted out of the Spin class and enjoyed spending my morning at home. When the temperatures started to rise, I got dressed and headed to Sam's office to take him to lunch! We had Mexican for lunch and then couldn't decide what to do after.... I said, " Let's go to the gym!!" Ha! We got dressed and had a WONDERFUL hour and half workout. It was JUST what I needed!! Saturday night, we had ANOTHER business dinner to go to, so we got dressed and headed out.. It was a great evening!!
   Sunday morning, Sam woke up with the stomach bug, so we stayed in and kept it low key. We got up on the DVR and prepared ourselves for the WALKING DEAD RETURNING! I couldn't wait. We ordered in and did a lot of lounging around.... After all the eating I did this weekend, I can't wait to get to my Spin class this evening. I need to do a detox this week!! ha! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Back to the grind! :(

me and my best friend since junior high school. This is typical for us. 

There is no telling. 

I love this chick more than life. 

This may or may not have been after several glasses of wine. 

I love him more than anything in this world. 

Saturday morning snow from my downstairs window! 

All bundled up and headed to lunch! 

I love the snow!!! 

Snow necessities= HUNTER RAIN BOOTS 

Typical... so typical 

Am I seven or what?!!! 

Headed to the Butcher Shop for the Memphis Builders Exchange dinner

Outfit of the evening

at the Butcher Shop 

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Katie Elizabeth said...

Love your pink Hunters!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We did so much eating this weekend that we have gym plans tonight as well :) Have a great day!