Friday, February 14, 2014

We deserve a Valentine dinner re-do...

You're probably thinking, what?" We celebrated Valentine's dinner on Wednesday night, so we wouldn't have to fight the crowds on Friday. We usually always celebrate before or after. We talked about where to go and contemplated going to one of our favorite places, but decided to try something new! We are constantly saying that we always eat at the same places and need to branch out more.... So, I got on River Oaks and made reservations! We got there at 6:30 p.m. and had the hostess escort us to our table... It was in another room off the main dining room that was gloomy and had no heat. Keep in mind, it has been in the 20's in Memphis this week... I simply ignored it and thought hopefully the food would make up for it. As soon as I sat down, the table started wobbling and the floor underneath me was sticky. Gross! The waitress walks up and says, "May I help you?" Um....... Welllll.... Considering I came here to eat, yes you can help me! Did you ever think that maybe I would like to see the wine list? Menu? I mean, REALLY?!!!?! The lady had no class about her whatsoever. I think she would have fallen over and died if she had to smile... No, I'm serious... She looked miserable. Anyway, she brings us our drinks and we both order a salad to start with. Sam orders the goat cheese salad and I order the "Not So Classic Caesar salad." They did get one part right through the whole night.... It definitely was not so classic! It was HORRIBLE! I might have gotten a 1/2 teaspoon of dressing.... Mayyyyyyyybe a 1/2 teaspoon, but that's pushing it. It was supposed to have shrimp on it, and they gave me a big ole' whopping 1 shrimp on the plate. The flavor was non-existent and Sam's salad.....HA! It was a joke! They used some lettuce, slapped a sorry of an excuse fried goat cheese piece on top, and called that joker a salad!! Salt and pepper were our friends at this dinner table.. Anyway, you're probably thinking, " The entrees will make up for the bad experience so far.. They just havvvvve to!" We were thinking the exact same thing, but I think the entrees were quite possibly the worst meals we have ever had eating out... My brother made a joke that  we should have gone to Jack Pirtles, and I'm starting to think he was right... Sam ordered the pork tenderloin and I had the salmon... Oh! And did you know that they served both entrees in a bowl?? You should have been there trying to watch us cut our dinner.. It was quite comical spinning the bowl around, so we could cut it. Sam's tenderloin was dry and was floating in un-cooked carrots and zucchini, but they didn't leave off the cheese! There was enough melted cheese on top to sink a ship... Besides that, I'm not a food connoisseur or anything, but who pairs melted cheese with pork tenderloin??? My salmon was over cooked, the cauliflower risotto had enough cheese as well, and the asparagus looked like it came out of a can....... I'm fighting mad by this point... We ask for the check and the waitress never asks, " Can I get you anything else? How was dinner? How are the entrees? Thank you for coming!..." She flat out says NOTHING!!!! We pay the bill and start making our way to the door... No one looks up and thanks us for coming or ANYTHING!!! I'm dead ass serious... Sam and I just look at each other and laugh! So we decided that we were going to have a RE-DO dinner this coming Saturday night at one of our favorite places! No longer trying something new! ha! If you live in the Memphis area, PLEASE never eat at River Oaks. It's awful, the service is non-existent, and the environment is poor.

Lets move on to something on a happier note! I did like my outfit I wore to dinner! :) ha!
New J.Crew pink Blythe blouse
Rachel Roy black mini skirt
Frye El Dorado black boots
Hue tights
Michael Kors watch
J.Crew gold necklace
David Yurman bangles 

And an even HAPPIER NOTE...I'm happy to report that I can finally wear this dress again. It only took over a year to get back into it... That is all! ha!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!!! 


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Melissa said...

I've actually never even heard of that restaurant but that is ridiculous!! But, you did look super cute!

Kristin said...

I am a server in a restaurant and I ALWAYS feel like I am interrupting the meals when I ask how things are but if they don't tell me if there is something wrong, then I can't fix it! I do always check up on them multiple times (we get in SO much trouble if we don't). I would have barely tipped the waitress because she sounds so miserable and rude. Hopefully your experience is better on Saturday!