Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of things planned with wonderful weather! Friday night, I kept my favorite boys. We watched a movie and enjoyed cuddling on the couch before heading to bed. After we woke up on Saturday, we got dressed and headed out! It was beautiful day  in Memphis! We stopped by Chickfila for lunch so the boys could play, etc. After lunch, we headed to Yolo for some frozen yogurt and then headed to the park the rest of the afternoon! It was a glorious day with my favorite little boys.

The way to Joseph's heart is through YOLO.

Are these boys not just edible? :)

Saturday afternoon I dropped the boys off at their grandmother's
 to spend the night. They were excited about staying with Bet Bet! 
I stopped by Fresh Market on my way home to pick up some
 things for our dinner party we were having. I have to say...
I think I'm mastering this cheese plate thing.. I adore Fresh
 Market. I could easily spend wayyyyyy too much money in there.
 I had grapes and apples at home, but was low on cheese 
and salami, so I grabbed some while I was there. 
I ended up making: roasted red peppers stuffed with feta, 
basil pesto mozzarella balls, smoked provolone cheese, 
hard red wine salami, green apples, red grapes, 
Carr's water crackers and a spicy mustard sauce...
Cheese plate is always better with a little red wine... ;)

 My best friend's little girl is absolutely precious. I adore seeing her and she loves her Be-Be.. ( My nickname that she calls me.. Don't you love it? )

 My heart is so full. It was a great weekend with my favorite little people and of course my two best girlfriends who make going through life just a little bit easier. I would be LOST without them. .


zara may said...

I love your blog

Tess said...

I seriously love Fresh Market - such a great store! Your cheese plate has me 9 in the morning....

Katie Elizabeth said...

Drooling over your cheese plate!! Yummm. We have a Fresh Market here and I never make it there enough. They do have some really good stuff!

A Simple Southern Life said...

Two things.. the little ones are PRECIOUS and that cheese plate looks so delicious!