Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Veggie Soup Recipe

Sunday afternoon, I was craving vegetable soup. I had a ton of vegetables in the freezer, along with some ground turkey, so I pulled out my trusty crock pot and got to business. It wasn't real cold here Sunday, but I didn't care. I couldn't wait to taste all the vegetables in a tomato broth. I didn't get this recipe from anywhere, but just kind of made it up as I went. I used 1 package of frozen corn, lima beans, green beans, diced onions, and carrots. ( All the bags are separate. ) I then used two and a half cans of diced tomatoes, and a can and a half of tomato sauce, so the broth wouldn't be so watery. I also added about two cups of water. Last, I seasoned the one pound of ground turkey and stuck that on top. It turned out wonderfully and made a lot! I have enough to freeze for later meals in the weeks to come! :) If you're a soup lover like me, this is the perfect,healthy soup to pull out and serve to your family during a week night! :) 

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