Tuesday, January 21, 2014

LuLu Lemon Addiction.

I really have a problem when it comes to Lulu Lemon. I really should go to AA meetings. HA! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you what's hanging out in my shopping cart at the moment. :)

I have four of these Base Runner LS tops.
I am obsessed. They look great working out and running
or simply just to wear around town. I wear them to
school with jeans or my studio pants. Get you some! 
They won't disappoint.

This is the Base Runner LS top in navy stripes.
And these are the navy blue studio pants in tall! They
 run a little big! I bought a 6 and they are still big in the
 waist, so make sure you try a couple different sizes
 on before buying them! 

I am obsessed with pink. I need a new jacket to wear
because I wear my Under Armour one ALL the time.
It's black, so I'm thinking I need a pink one to match
all my workout clothes. This jacket is great to wear 
with anything, actually. The best part: it's on sale
from $118.00 to $98.00! 

I have literally eight pairs of the groovy run shorts.
I am obsessed with these things. I could never run in
shorts before, but I wear these almost every time I run
and in the summer. I wear them to workout, to the pool,
around town, etc. The best part: they have built in 
panties! I don't have a pink pair, so I'm thinking 
I need to add these to my collection. 
What do you think? :)

I cannot rave enough about their running skirt.
I felt silly wearing them at first, but after talking with
the LuLu Lemon girls from my local store, they all 
wear them. When I was running in them this past 
summer, it felt so light and airy! They aren't heavy 
and keep you cool! They also have built in panties
 like the groovy shorts do. The best part: I don't chafe 
when running in them! They have sticky liners on the 
shorts, so they don't ride up! I don't know about you, but 
that's a plus in my book. I have the white, maroon, and
 grey skirt, but I am definitely adding the black 
and maybe the blue one, too! 

Of course these aren't for working out, but how cute 
are they? I want them to wear to school and throughout
 the rest of our winter months. I do car duty after school 
and need something to cover my ears. I think these
 will be great to wear outside and also run in if I dare
 to run outside in these cool temps anytime soon.
 Sam and I bike a lot, too, so with the wind constantly
 blowing in my face and ears, these will be great! 


Katie Elizabeth said...

Lululemon has the cutest stuff but I can't even go in a store because I know I would spend all my money. But maybe spending the $$ + looking cute would finally give me the motivation to work out haha!

Sarah said...

I love all of this! I'm a big fan of working out and cute clothes definitely gives me motivation in the morning.


Tess said...

I'm starting to get the Lulumen bug too. I got this amazing pull-over for Christmas and I wear it EVERYWHERE. Like, literally four days a week. It's so comfy and stylish, and practical - I can't say enough.

And their pants are my absolute favorite. They hold up and look good and make me feel good too so it's a win win!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

First I can't believe how skinny you are! I bought those pants in an 8 and now they are too big on me since I'm getting back in shape. I wonder if I can shrink them? I doubt it!

OMG I must get those shorts!!

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