Friday, October 18, 2013

Wants vs. Needs...

I have ordered a couple of things to get me into fall, mainly basic pieces.  I need jeans like crazy, so I also have been ordering those here and there. Gap had several on sale last week, so I snatched them up! I also want/need some new booties. I have plenty of tall boots, but only a couple of booties, so I have a list going of all the ones I want and NEED! ;) HA! I wanted to share with you some of the fun pieces I have splurged on this past week. 
Sorry the picture is blurry, but I ordered this
adorable violet anorak jacket from Macy's last week.
It hasn't arrived yet, but I know I'm going to love it.
I plan to pair it with a black tee, some jeans, and a
pair of booties. Simple, but cute! :)
I am loving all the suede booties out there.
These are MIA brand. I did not order this
color yet, but they are sitting in my shopping bag.
What do you think?
Just like the ones above, I DID order these
MIA booties in black. I needed a pair of black
booties and these are the perfect heel to teach
school in.. They were also on sale for 45.00, so
I had to snatch them up! I can't wait for them to
get here, so I can start wearing them! :) Is it silly
to have two pairs of boots that are the exact same,
but different colors? :)
 Like I said earlier, I need jeans in a bad way. All of my jeans were size 14's and 12's, but I am now in a 8 in most. I have been walking around for WEEKS with my pants too big, ha! Anyway, Gap had several in the sale section, so I snatched all three pairs up for a whopping $100.00... Can't beat that right?
I've had these before, but just needed a smaller size.
I love the coral jeans!

I can't wait to wear these!
They have zippers on the back leg. So fun!

How adorable are these boyfriend jeans?
So comfy and so cute.
All my pictures are turning out blurry for some
reason, but how adorable are these Gianni
Bini suede booties in this beautiful brown color?
I want these in a bad,bad way...

These are pretty basic, but I need these Gianni Bini
leather booties for dressy occasions. They are not really
perfect for school, but perfect for the weekend, etc.

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Love you boot choices!!