Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I wanted to share a list of some of my favorites at the moment.... I haven't done a blog post about this in awhile, so I HAD to share with you some of my awesome finds. :)
I have extremely dry skin. My face
is especially dry. I have honestly
never used Olay for face cleansers, etc.
I stumbled across this at Target because
it says it is GREAT for dry skin..
love with this stuff. I catch myself washing
my face three times a day. I have already
noticed a dramatic difference in my skin.
I can't find it at Walgreens, but they sell it
online and definitely have it at Target.
It's apparently a popular product because
it is always sold out. I bought several bottles
this weekend, so I would not have to
look hard for it, ha! :)

My friend has been eating these for awhile. I had one awhile
back, but was not crazy about the flavor. She gave me this
flavor one on Saturday, so I said I would give it a try.
During our 31 mile ride, we stopped for about 10 minutes,
so I could scarf this down. It was DELICIOUS! I loved it!
I will definitely be ordering a box of these. I love the
fact that it is full of protein and only has 1 g of sugar.

If you are a Cinnamon Dolce Latte
fan from Starbucks, you MUST try this!
It tastes JUST LIKE it!!! :)
I think I have found the bike I want.
Sam rides a KHS Hybrid, which is used for off road
and on the road. I won't be getting off the road much,
so I want the KHS Flite 150 road bike. I love this color!!!

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Caroline said...

I wish I liked Quest bars. I haven't found one I love.