Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crock Pot Recipes

This week I have had so much going on. I haven't gotten home before 7:00 some nights. I have had my crock pot for quite some time now, but I always forget to use it! My friend suggested I pull it out and start using it more, so that's exactly what I did this week.....

Wednesday night I made Cream Cheese Chicken Chili.
It was really, really good! We had enough left over to
freeze, so I'm anxious to start having options to pull
out of the freezer. I got this recipe off Pinterest.
Super, super easy!

Thursday night, I made BBQ chicken. I threw some chicken
breasts in the crock pot with a can of cream of chicken.
Next, I added a jar of my honey BBQ marinate. I also filled
the bottle half way up after it was empty with water and then
threw that in there. You don't want the chicken to soak up all
the bbq sauce and get dry. After I got home, I made several sides
and it was ready!

These are both super,super easy meals to fix up for your family on nights that you have to work late, the kids have games, etc. Both are healthy options and I monitored and adjusted them both some to keep them healthy. Enjoy! Happy Crock potting!

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Faith said...

the cream cheese chicken chili sounds amazing! will give it a try. thanks for the recipe!