Friday, May 17, 2013

The Most Random TGIF Post EVER....

Don't you love the caption? ;) That is about how I'm feeling today...Exhausted and all over the place.. This has been the LONGEST week! 10 more days of school and then i'm out for 12 weeks!

Last Saturday, S and I went to the Grizzlies game with friends.
We sat in the suite and cheered our Grizzlies on to a win!
It was a fun time. Of course we went out after to celebrate. ;)

My S man and I were excited we won!!! GRIT N GRIND!

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Target last week.
This was the first pair..Don't you just love them?!
They are super comfy, too. I wore them to the Grizz
game last weekend.

This was the second pair...DROOL.

My workouts have been tough this week.
I am realllllllly sore to the say the least.
I am trying to up my cardio, etc. Do you ever feel
like you work out for several months
and then you just get in a rut like it's not working
and you need to change it up?
Yeah, same here...So that's what I did...
I DEFINITELY changed it
up and I CAN FEEL IT.  I keep meaning to get
a picture after EVERY workout, but I forget.. :(
Monday: Strength Training/Cardio
75 minutes
789 calories burned 

I went for a run with some girlfriends.
It was fun!
1 hour and 18 minutes
915 calories burned
I went to Body Sculpting.
I am SORE, but I looooved it. I will definitely be
going back!
75 minutes
801 calories burned
Rest Day
I didn't have time after school to get a workout in.
Future Workouts:
Strength Training/Cardio
I will go this afternoon after school.
Strength Training/Cardio to make up Wednesday
and run with some friends downtown.
Probably a rest day, but we talked about taking
our bikes to the Green line if we'll see :)


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I absolutely NEED those shoes you wore to the game and I absolutely NEED one of those Polar watches! Your dedication to your workouts is so inspiring!

Valerie Griffin said...

great workouts!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

You are motivating me so much!! Go girl!