Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Current Obsessions.

I am getting excited about the warmer weather, beach trips, longer days, cook outs with friends and family, our weekends on the boat and at the lake house, summer dresses, sandals, white jeans, etc. I think I am MOST excited about summer being around the corner because I am off for three months! Woohoo! I wanted to share with you several current obsessions that I am drooling over right now...Enjoy! ;)

It is so adorable! I am thinking of ordering it, so I can
take it to the beach with me when we go in a couple of
weeks! I love,love the yellow tie against the neck, too!

2. Anyone that knows me, knows that
I am a linen person. I LOVE LINEN!
I always have the hardest time finding
linen pants that are long enough, though.
I recently was searching Victoria Secret's
website for beach stuff and ran across
these beauties. They come in a 36' inseam!
I die! I immediately ordered them in ALL
four colors! I can wear these to school, beach
this summer, to dinner, etc. Linen is so versatile!

Speaking of linen, this is one of the colors of
linen pants I ordered, but I had to order that off
the shoulder sweater with it, too. It's too adorable!
Unfortunately, it's on backorder until May...I'm sure
I won't want it by then! ha!
3. Thanks to Alicia, I went and tried on
Old Navy's compression capris and I LOVE them!
They are going to be perfect for my strength workouts
on Monday ,Wednesday, and Fridays! Thanks, Alicia!
4. I am loving Gina's Skinnytaste website!
You have probably already figured that out, but I
have to give her a shout out again! ;) I can't give
this girl more praise...She's awesome, her recipes
are awesome...I want to be her..ha!
5. I can't brag enough on my Polar FT4.
It is an awesome heart rate monitor. It really
motivates and pushes me to go further. I think
I am going to start doing a workout recap each week,
so I can see if my time, distance, etc. is increasing.
There ya have it!!! Happy Obsessing! :)


Sunkissed and Southern said...

Are those capris very high wasted? Im looking for some new capris for the gym and my problem is them falling down! I dont need my undies showing!!

Tess said...

I am totally obsessed with SkinnyTaste too. Her recipe's are so easy to follow and I have NEVER gone wrong. I stalk her website for an hour every week before I leave for the grocery store.

And, I won't like, seeing everyone's pictures of the Polar watch has me TOTALLY itching to get one. I could see myself making a game out of burning calories, but I just haven't pulled the plug yet...

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I love that colorblock dress, and now I'm officially craving everything on your list!!

Caroline said...

I have those purple pants from Old Navy. Love them!

aLiCia* said...

woop woop! Glad you loved them too :)