Sunday, November 11, 2012

Parker/Eubanks Wedding 11-10-12

My bestfriend got married yesterday....It so hard to believe she has a different last name now. It's so hard to believe that she doesn't live HERE anymore..It all hit me last night..We all are getting older and it's obvious. We all are meeting our significant others, getting married, having babies, moving away, etc. I'm not going to be sad that she doesn't live around the corner anymore..I'm going to be happy for her! She has a WONDERFUL husband, great in laws, an awesome sister in law, etc. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Natalie and Worth! I am so excited for them and cannot wait to see what their journey holds. We love you guys! Congratulations!

Celia and GB at Rehearsal Dinner

me and the bride!

Em and I.
Celia and I.
GB and I.
Emily at the Rehearsal dinner.
Joseph and Tara at Felicia Suzanne's.

love these girls.
me and S at Felicia Suzanne's.

Em being her usual self. ha!

Hudson, Elisabeth, and John at dinner.

We made it to Bardog after dinner. We found the this guy

my favorite girls.

Wedding Day! Just a few of the bridesmaids.

the beautiful bride!

Sam and I at the reception.

Danielle, me, Sarah at reception.
me and the beautiful bride..
It was a beautiful wedding!

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Valerie Griffin said...

what a lovely wedding! your bm's dresses were so pretty!