Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Lately..

It's the weekend! It is starting to cool down here...I am SO happy...I have already busted out the dark nail polish, purchased lots of sweaters and sweater dresses, and busted out the pumpkin candles..;) I cannot wait until I need a jacket to go outside. It is going to be REAL nice. Anyway, has anyone seen the chukka's coming back?? I have seen a TON of websites "sporting" the look of chukka's on their models. I love them!! They are too cute. I will not spend a ton of money on them, simply because they are so trendy, but I would love to have a pair to wear to school. They would be great with some skinny jeans or the 5 million broken in khaki pants I bought from Gap...*insert sarcastic laugh...*

Chinchilly by

the adorable chukka's

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! CHEERS!


Kristin said...

Chinchilly is a great fall color! I almost got that done on my nails last time I went to the nail place. :)

Lauren said...

Looks like I need to add some chukkas to my Christmas list!