Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Recap..

We had a wonderful weekend! It was quite busy, but so fun. Friday night, my family, friends, and I went out on the boat to enjoy Norah Jones in concert. It was an epic night! Unfortunately, I paid for it the next morning, but we had a wonderful time. Saturday morning, I had to be up to keep my favorite little boys! It was a busy,busy day. Once I got home, I was in bed by 7:30...Lame, I know...It was so nice to get a full night's rest, though. Sunday, I had errands to run, clothes to wash, etc. Sam and I also went and look at houses. It's always fun to look at houses, but unfortunately, our condo is still not sold...We just lowered the price, so say a prayer for us. Later that evening, we had a cook out! It was too much fun. Over-all, it was a fun weekend! It's getting extremely hot here in Memphis, so I wore my hair up all weekend and very little makeup. I hope you all are having an excellent week! We are gearing up for our July 4th weekend trip to the lake! I cannot waiiiiiiiit to be on the water. Next week, Sam and I will be on a plane headed to Washington D.C. Please keep us in your prayers next week.


Caroline said...

have fun in DC!

Erica Elia said...

Cute pictures! Erica