Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Turns Into a Disaster!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty good, but very busy. I had my last exam on Saturday morning, so I am anxious to find out if I passed. It will take four weeks to get my scores back, ugh...Anyway, I cooked all week, so Saturday night I wanted to go to dinner. We have never been to Buckley's, so we decided to try it out. We had to wait awhile because we simply did not have reservations, but we got a drink and sat at the bar...Once we got to our table, we ordered food and enjoyed a nice meal. It was nice to get out and enjoy the evening with Sam :) As we are walking back to the car, we realize his truck has been broken into....again.....His truck was not the only one...There was a truck parked several spots down from us, and his windows were shattered, too...How depressing...This has happened far too many times in the last year...Luckily, they did not take anything serious or expensive, but we have learned to not leave ANYTHING in your car. It is so sad that you cannot go to dinner with your significant other without something like that happening. Long story short, but $400.00 later, and his window is fixed...That sums up our weekend! :)

Before heading to dinner with S.

After dinner with S....Talking to the cops


Morgan Neal said...

Saw his post of Facebook! Truly sad! Glad everything is alright! Miss you pretty girl! Know you did amazing on your praxis!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Aw, I'm sorry! Having your car broken into is NO fun. It's only happened to me once and I remember feeling so violated and sad... sometimes the world we live in sucks a bit..

Christin said...

:( So sorry this happened. Move out by me ASAP :)

Mrs. in Memphis said...

No bueno!!! Ughhh....but you looked beautiful for dinner!