Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap..

We had a wonderful weekend! I had a great time with family, friends, and Sam. Friday night, we went to dinner with my family and then went back to my parents house to play games and hang out. Saturday, we went out with Christin and J.R. We have missed them so much! It has been too long! We dined at Local Gastropub in Downtown Memphis..It was yummy! Christin and I got the Tuna salad. It was to die for. After we finished eating, we headed down to a local Sports place to watch the Grizz game...We were highly dissappointed by the end of the game...ugh! After the game ended, we drove over to meet my parents for a little Cinco De Mayo fun! It was a great day! We were home and in bed by 10:30, which I loved! HA! We caught up on the DVR on Sunday...It has been too long since we have sat down and watched tv. I cooked a yummy dinner Sunday evening, recipes to follow ;) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :) Graduation is next weekend!! WOOHOO!!

Go Grizz!

Love her.

S and me celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Thankful for good friends.

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