Friday, April 20, 2012

Crawfish Festival

Sam and I went to Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival this past Sunday. We had a great time! It was VERY warm, but we enjoyed the craw fish, festival food, drinks, etc. After we left the festival, we stopped by Bardog to enjoy some Sunday Funday! :)
We were enjoying the Crawfish Festival
in Downtown Memphis.

There is NOTHING better than beer
with a major corn dog...LOVE

YUMMY Crawfish.

This has nothing to do with Crawfish Festival, but as
we were leaving on Sunday, I noticed our cat laying
like this...I immediately grabbed the camera. He looks
like he is modeling on the beach or something...I love it! ha!

This also has nothing to do with the Festival, but this
past weekend, we bought a new goose down comforter!
I was SO excited. I am LOVING it.
We needed a new one. After talking about it for a few weeks,
we finally went and just bought it. After we purchased
the comforter, I told S that I wanted to look at some
duvet covers for it. I feel like it will keep it in better
condition with a duvet cover over it....
Anyway, we found THIS one at  BB&B.
I loved it!!!!

I didn't plan to buy the pillows because we
already had pillows that would match the duvet cover.
Besides, I don't really care for that blue with it anyway.
I think this will look GREAT in our room. We decided
not to purchase it this past Saturday, because we wanted
to think on it. I am thinking it's a go...What do you think?
I love,love the pattern!

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Anonymous said...

I bought it and am extremely disappointed with the quality. Good thing we purchased it off of our wedding registry and its under warranty - its under 5 months old and has already pilled and discolored, even after having it professionally cleaned according to the tag directions. I won't be buying anything from that brand at BB&B again.