Sunday, March 25, 2012

Florida Recap # 3

Monday, we decided to head to Sandestin to meet up with some friends at Sandestin Beach Club. They actually live in Sandestin, and were very kind to show us around. They pampered us all day! We laid out on their beach, enjoyed yummy lunch and drinks, and then headed to their house to freshen up for dinner! It was a GREAT night! I enjoyed crab cakes for dinner again. Can you tell I like crab cakes? ;)

Our amazing view from our chairs at
Sandestin Beach Club

I had to leave my cover up on...I was BURNED.

Enjoying the wine ;)


My Daily Journey to Share said...

I love this location. I go every Feb to our condo and the shopping Destin and Panamal City is great! Erica

Melissa said...

Such cute hats!!

Christin said...

Terrible pics of me. Just awful.

A Simple Southern Life said...

Yum, I love crabcakes!! Your sunburn makes me want to go to the beach! Glad you had fun(:

Valerie Griffin said...

i love crab cakes too :)

Tess said...

We love Sandestin!! Joel's family hsa a vacation home there so we try to get there as often as possible. I always say when I'm there that it's like a bubble of perfection. Everything is just so nice and perfect. Where did you guys go to dinner?