Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Makeup Obsession..

I recently ordered some makeup because I was out of a few things..I decided to mix some things up, and try something different...I did an online purchase and picked a few things up in the store..Here is what I bought:

Laura Mercier lipstick
It was a pretty color. I like the texture
of her lipsticks. It is a great
color to carry into the Spring.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face cream..
I LOVE this stuff. It is kind of expensive, but SO
worth every penny. I use it in the morning and
before bed. It really holds my makeup on during
the course of the day, and makes my face feel so clean
at night. I LOVE this stufff! I will definitely be buying this stuff again.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Balm.
I was not sure about this stuff...
I have excemza really bad on my eye lids, so I cannot
use a whole lot of products. I usually just stick with Aveeno.
The lady at the counter told me to try some samples and see if
I liked it first. This stuff is expensive, so I did not want to buy it
and then turn around and it break my eyes out! I used it for
 two daysand fell in love. I LOVE it. I only use it at night,
because it's so thick,but when I wake up in the morning,
my eyes look so fresh and bright!I love it! I HIGHLY
reccommend this stuff.
Great job, Bobbi!

Laura Mercier blush I was somewhat disappointed
with this blush. It looked so much prettier online. I don't know if
it is the color I don't like, but I'm not that excited about it.
I definitelywill use it, because I am out of blush, but not sure
if I will order it again..

Bobbi Brown concealer...This is not a new product for me.
I have worn her concealer for years. I was just completely
out of it and finally ordered some! I wear her concealer in
the color Sand and I LOVE it! If you are looking for a concealer
that will stay on you all day, I definitely suggest Bobbi Brown's.
You will love it.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil Wash.
I am OBSESSED with this stuff! I know....
Many people are thinking," Why would you ever spend
39.00 for a face wash?!" I will tell you.....My face is OVERLY
dry...A lot of my problem is because of my excema, so I cannot
use a lot of things..I have to be careful with the different
products that are in face washes. I went to the counter
and told the lady at Bobbi Brown my dilemma, and she
 immediately knew what I should try. I did not see the
point in spending that much for a face wash, but now I do...
I use it in the morning and at night and it's so LIGHT!
It has not broken my face out at all and it really
  is helping the dryspots and my excema!
I seriously will never use another face wash.
It feels soooooo good to say that
I have finally found a face wash that was made for ME!

The last product I ordered...Laura Mercier's
Primer Foundation....I was kind of skeptical about
this product. I have always HEARD about it, but
was not too sure about ordering it. I finally caved and
decided to give it a try. All I can say.....I AM SO GLAD
I ORDERED IT! I love this stuff! I am so picky when it comes
to makeup, but I love this primer foundation. I will definitely
not wear my makeup again without this stuff underneath! It is
not heavy at all. It smells good, feels good, and barely feels like
you have anything on....If you are looking for a good
primer foundation,please give Laura Mercier's a try.
It won't dissappoint you! :)

Those are all the products I have bought in the past couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know! I always love buying makeup and trying new products, so definitely send some reccomendations! I am also looking for a GREAT mascara! :)


Amanda said...

I'm a Bobbi Brown girl too! Although I haven't bought some new makeup in a while. :)

Jessica said...

I also am a Bobbi Brown fan. Have you tried the face oil? It sounds scary, like, breakout-city, but it has essential oils instead of mineral oil which improves your skin. It's my skin secret!

Anonymous said...

I recently ordered new makeup also and I have absolutely fallen in love with MAKE UP FOREVER's Duo Mat Powder Foundation. It evens your skin tone SO WELL and it isn't heavy at all!!