Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holidays are HERE!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! My family is gearing up for the holidays! I am hosting a small get together tomorrow night, but my mother is hosting Christmas dinner at her house on Sunday! Of course, I am helping....I am making a green bean casserole, twice baked potato casserole, and a pasta salad :) I love to cook, so my Mom knew I would not mind at all. I am currently at my parents' house enjoying the nice and quiet. It's so nice getting to spend the evenings at my parents' house with my entire family...We have been playing games, baking, watching movies, etc. I have ordered the majority of my Christmas presents offline this year, but did a bit in stores...I ordered a lot off J.Crew this year, and stumbled across these beauties..

J. Crew Pixie Pant in black...

I ordered these in black and I am obsessed. I plan on ordering them in grey as well :) Yesterday, I babysat my favorite boys and got to spend the morning with them. Before I left, the boys sang, "Feliz Navidad," and gave me my Christmas present. It was an ADORABLE LuLu Lemon jacket. I LOVE it! I adore LuLu Lemon clothes.

Over-all, I am having a great end of the week so far! I am anxious to make some goodies, spend time with family, and relax! I hope you all are having a great week! :)


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Sarah said...

I've been wanting the pixie pant so bad! I'll have to pick some up soon!