Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap..

My family and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas...I hope you did as well! :) Christmas Eve was super low key for us...We do everything on Christmas Day, so usually the day before we will prepare, wrap presents, cook, rest, etc. My grandmother came to my parents, and we ordered pizza and watched a Christmas movie. I also cooked several casseroles for the next day. Mom had an awesome Pampered Chef muffin pan, so I made brownie bites, too! They were delicious! It was a very nice Christmas Eve. My family started a new tradition this year :) We are going to wear new pj's to bed on Christmas Eve! Mom purchased us the pajamas and they were adorable... Christmas morning was very nice..My immediate family opened presents to eachother and enjoyed a breakfast casserole, pigs in a blanket, and mimosas...It was wonderful...We also busted out the new Keurig that my parents got. We are already loving it. That afternoon, we prepared the last minute items we needed for our lunch and got ready. We had a HUGE spread. There is SO much food left over! After lunch, we hung out, played games, drank some vino, and watched some football....It was a wonderful Christmas and I would have not had it any other way! :)
My new pajamas! :) I had on a flannel red
top with flannel bottoms that had snowmen
all over them. I like them because I can wear
them even after Christmas!

The delicious brownie bites I made.
They were dark chocolate, so I also
threw some white chocolate chips in there.

The amazing Keurig my parents got.
They are loving it.

The AMAZING spread. We had: turkey,
ham, asparagus casserole, green bean casserole,
twice baked potato casserole, corn casserole, dressing,
gravy, pasta salad, black eyed peas, bread, pies, brownies.
It was all WONDERFUL.

Mom's BEAUTIFUL table. We ate on her fine

Enjoying a glass of vino in my new
Riedel glasses! Thanks, Morgie and Trent!

My midnight snack while we played Scattergories.
I could not even think about eating more
casseroles, etc.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!


Faith said...

looks like an incredible Christmas and the food looks sooo good! yum!

Valerie Griffin said...

We've gotten pjs on Christmas Eve EVERY year since we were kids. It's one of my favorite traditions! :) & I'm glad your parents are loving their Keurig. I couldn't live without mine! Try the Starbucks kcups if you haven't already. They are my favorite!