Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie Reviews...

I have not done a post on movie reviews in quite sometime. This past weekend, Sam and I watched several movies. It was a very lazy weekend and we were completely content with it :) Here are the several movies we watched and the reviews on them:
I really enjoy scary movies, so if you do not
like them, you won't like this movie! It was pretty decent.
It has been years since I have seen the other Scream movies, but
I thought it was pretty scary over-all..Maybe a little cheesy, too? :)
Definitely a good renter!

I know there are a lot of Harry Potter fans
out there, but I feel that way about Pirates
of the Carribean. I have seen all of them
and LOVE every single one of them. I
highly suggest everyone to rent this
movie offyour tv. It will not disappoint! The only
thing I missed about this movie was Keira
Knightley not in it, but Penelope
Cruz was, so it was still good :)

This was a very interesting movie.
Cameron Diaz played a very different part.
She's usually funny in most of her movies, but
I thought she was pretty foul in some parts. If you
do not like that kind of stuff, you will not like this movie.
If you're looking to laugh, well...you've picked the
right movie! :)

I love the Thanksgiving holiday..
I always watch this movie around Thanksgiving.
It is definitely a CLASSIC! I'm sure the majority
of you have seen it, but if you have not...RENT IT.
It will be a great movie to watch with your family
over the Thanksgiving holidays!

This is such an old movie, but it is another
film that I like to watch around the holidays.
If you have never seen this film, rent it.
It's only .99 right now on your On Demand
Comcast...It's a touching story and will more
than likely make you tear up ;)

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love all of those movies!